Ark Attorneys Practice Areas

Real Estate Law Reimagined

The real estate industry is at the core of digital disruption. It’s time for the legal industry to change, and adapt – and that’s where we come in. ARK Attorneys is a technology-focused law firm, dedicated exclusively to the practice of real estate law. We’ve spent years streamlining our systems and processes so that we can offer our clients the best, and most effective service possible.

Exclusively Focused on Real Estate Closings and Transactions


We manage site selection review, purchase agreement negotiations, and environmental review, as well as assess market value and suitability for intended use, and exercise physical and legal due diligence.

Real Estate Sales

We oversee the process of home buying and selling property. ARK Attorneys handle both residential and commercial real estate sales.

Licensing + Contracts

Our team oversees legal terms and agreements presented to our buyers and sellers throughout the duration of real estate transaction process.

Lease Development

Our team constructs the rental terms of agreement to fit the specific needs of our clients and their properties.

Real Estate Development

We manage property development contracts including renovation terms, re-release of existing buildings, purchase of raw land, and sale of developed land.

Title Transfer

Our team oversees the process of moving ownership held by different parties by managing title transfers for our clients.

Land Trusts

Our team oversees land trust agreements to ensure privacy for property owners. Title-holding land trusts, also known as Illinois land trusts, protect landowner anonymity and keep properties out of probate.

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