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Condo association restrictions

Read the HOA Rules BEFORE You Buy

If you’re buying a condo with shared areas or amenities, the property is likely has a homeowner’s association (HOA). As a home buyer you have …

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1031 Exchange explained

What is a 1031 Exchange?

If you or your clients are looking to defer paying taxes on investment property this year, a 1031 may be a great solution. What is …

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Real Estate Terms Defined

Real Estate Terms Defined

Adjustable-rate mortgage: a mortgage with an interest rate that increases and decreases throughout the term of the loan. The changes in interest rate occur due …

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How to remove names from property title or deed

How to Add or Remove Names From a Property Title and Deed

Process of Adding or Removing Names From a Property Title + Deed What is a title? A title is a legal right to ownership of …

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Wire transfers

Wire Transfers at Real Estate Closings

How to wire transfer your funds at real estate closing Wire transfers are a very common aspect of a real estate transaction. The transfer takes …

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Private Real Estate Transaction

How to Keep Your Real Estate Transactions Private in Illinois

Buying real estate is one of the largest purchases most people may ever make in their life. With a purchase that large you need to …

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Home Renovations

Home Renovations With the Best ROI

Do you have some home renovation projects on your list of 2022 goals? Before you get to buying the materials and contracting a team to …

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Cancel Real Estate Contract

Can you cancel a real estate contract before closing?

When a contract is canceled on the buyer’s side Real estate contracts vary by jurisdiction, and most have contingencies that will ultimately allow for either …

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